Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unlimited Potential International Inc.

I just received the papers in the mail saying that I am now a registered non-profit organization. I am hoping that this will enable us to be who I imagine us to be. I have been struggling along for years now trying to build a team and an organization that will be pro-active in inspiring women of all ages to live their lives with and on purpose.

I have so many idea of things I would like to implement and now I may get that chance. I started researching foundations yesterday that may want to work along side of me and I am so excited about the possibilities. I can see the potential of women today and we have strayed so far away from who we could be. The busyness of life is getting in the way of who we really want to be. We are trying to live up to some invisible lifestyle that really does nothing for us.

I have posted a link above to the website and there is a donation link there if you would like to join us on our mission. You can also join the mailing list so you can stay informed of what we are up to in these exciting times. Wow, I can't wait to get started!

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