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What Makes You Unique? Reviews

Judges comments from the 2008 Canadian Christian Writing Awards:

What Makes You Unique

"One of the most positive aspects of WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE? is Carleton's willingness to be vulnerable and to expose her "sins". So often "Christian" books for adolescents are "preachy" and leave the impression that all adult Christians are paragons. Carleton's "been there-done that and found my way back" approach makes the book's contents much more approachable and more like a caring, older sister is doing the writing/talking." - Dr. Dave Jenkinson

"I have no doubt that this book is being used right now in high school-aged bible study groups everywhere, and if it isn't it should be. This is a smart book that asks its readers some pretty tough and profound questions. This is, of course, a notoriously difficult group of people to reach - its very easy to come off sounding condescending or preachy when you're dealing with teens. This book doesn't do that at all - and that's commendable." – anonymous

Blog review:  Truth be Told

Reviews found on the internet:
  • It’s an excellent read.  I recently read the book, and found it good.  I would give it to any young girl who wants to deepen their faith.  As an adult, it covers almost everything I would like a young woman to know, and wish I knew when I was young.
  • I am in the process of reading your book. Let me commend you for the huge of amount of research and work you have put into it. Also, for sharing yourself so honestly with your readers. May it accomplish that purpose for which you have written it. Thank you.
  • We bought the book for our friend's 13 year old daughter. We just had lunch with them today and spoke to her daughter about the book. She loves it, she is still reading the book, doing the studies. It has got her back into reading the Bible on a regular basis. Thank you so much.
  • Great! This book covers the majority of what I would want to teach any teenage girl in my life. It is easy to read, has enjoyable personal stories with the points, and biblically based. It has questions, prayers, and challenges so one can process what they are reading and bring it into their life.
  • I am in my 30's and read Carolyn's book, I love the journaling, self assessments. Each chapter applies that you really think about who You really are and for you to think about how each chapter pertains to your life. Yes, there were a few chapters like dating that didn't apply, but the remainder of the book was awesome, a very good read and a tool for self reflection. I have given my nieces there own copies, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS book for teens and young adults, and for those of you who are all grown up, well we are never too old to learn a little more about life and it may very well help you interact with your teen daughters!!
  • I am 14 going on 15 and I got this book as gift form my mom. I'm not much of a reader, but this book really caught my attention. I'll admit...I'm not finished yet. I start reading then i stop and then i start again. That's just me. :] But so far so good. Every chapter gives you the chance to think about how it applies to your own life. Man, have I learned a lot. This book opened my eyes to things i never even noticed before. I would defiantly recommend this book to EVERYONE. Well, at least the ones I haven't already told...and even they could hear it second time! Great book Carolyn!!
  • I totally enjoyed the book, "What Makes You Unique?" It was so honest and real. I wish this book was around when I was a teen. The book answered so many questions I was afraid to ask the people around me while growing up.

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