Monday, November 12, 2007

Cj’s Speaking Testimonials

"Carolyn Carleton is a gifted communicator, in both writing and speaking. She is passionate about connecting with women and teaching them of the purpose and plan God has for their lives."
- Debbie Orgrodnick- Prince Albert Alliance Church (Mom's Morning Out, Women's Retreat)
“Carolyn Carleton is a dynamic, “no-nonsense” speaker who seeks to be genuine as she speaks from the heart. Through her own life experience and drawing from the Word of God, Carolyn has a unique way of delivering a Message to her audience both through the written or spoken word.

With her quirky sense of humour, genuine love for the Word and seeing transformed lives in Christ, she has a unique call and presence as she ministers to others. There is no beating around the bush with this woman of faith! Carolyn is an “in your face” speaker who is a delight for a youth event or women’s ministry function.” 
Jodi Kozan – (Director of Women’s Journey of Faith) – Saskatoon , SK Canada
"Carolyn has the one trait most valuable in Christian speakers-she listens for God's voice and lets Him direct her sessions.
There's no ego here, just an amazing woman who's following her Saviour's plan for her life and encouraging others to do the same. After hearing Carolyn speak, you'll feel renewed, refreshed and challenged."
~ Jennifer Willems -(Freelance Writer, Restaurant Owner)-Birch Hills, SK, Canada

"As a teenager, Carolyn helped me through one of the most difficult parts of my spiritual the middle of the night, she came to my house, wiped away my tears, sat with me on the couch and simply listened. Somehow, through my sobs and inability to express what exactly it was that I was feeling - Carolyn discerned it, spoke it out and prayed with me. I know she continued praying for me long after she left my house that night.

As a young woman, Carolyn prayed for me as I prepared to travel to Africa for missions. She knew it had always been my dream - and she was one of the few people who urged me to follow the dreams God had placed within me.

As a bride, Carolyn flew halfway across the country to our wedding!!!!! She met my husband, gave me a gigantic hug (with her gorgeous pregnant belly!) and introduced me to her and Dustin's first daughter. I could not believe how much it meant for me to have Carolyn with me to experience the most incredibly beautiful day of my life.
As a wife, despite the fact that we normally live in different countries and converse only when a spare moment pops up in our hectic schedules - Carolyn is still one of my very closest, most absolute honest and cherished friends in the world as I know it. (And I've been around!)

I am not yet a mother, but when we do begin our family, I know Carolyn will be there for me as always, full of wisdom, Godly advice (hard to find!!!!) offering prayer and guidance to becoming a fulfilled, passionate mother.
Carolyn not only knows, understands and loves the matters of the heart....but she knows, understands and loves the Maker of the heart."
Jay-Cee - (Career Missionary for AIDS orphans in Africa & Friend) - Ontario, CANADA


"I have never met anyone with the passion for the Spiritual well being of teenage girls as I have in Carolyn. Her heart truly yearns to show girls there is a better way, that through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ you can become more.

Carolyn has inspired me; she is true to who she is, and who Christ called her to be. Being involved in the last "Beautifully Created Girls Conference" I was able to see Carolyn in action, and through our weekly Bible Study, I witnessed her preparation and listening to God. She truly is a speaker and leader that has and will impact many lives. I thank God for knowing her!" 
~ Bonnie Bassingthwaighte-(Educational Associate, Bible Study Member, Friend) - Prince Albert, SK Canada


"Carolyn has so much potential and she loves everyone. She has shown me that it is ok to be different and that God has a plan. And even though we don't know it is He works in tremendous ways. She has such a big heart that she has inspired me to become friends with the people who hurt me, and more importantly inspired me to become a better person." ~ Ame (beautifully created girls conference attendee) - Birch Hills, SK Canada


"Carolyn is so devoted to God, and has a lot of wisdom to share with girls dealing with anything from peer pressure to just knowing and understanding the word of God."

She has taught many people that God is not some big man in the sky that can condemn you to hell if you do something wrong. She teaches with compassion and an open heart, to help girls fully understand what God is about."

Carolyn teaches through her own knowledge and you can tell that she really cares about your well-being (physically and spiritually).

She is very genuine and for God. Her clothing line is inspiring to anyone and models not to compromise their faith just to be cool. She is truly inspiring, blunt and straight forward, but always seemed captivating and is always sensitive to her environment.

Carolyn is a phenomenal speaker who gets her messages across by connecting with her audience. She is truly a woman of God and her messages stay with you, and change your heart and view of the world."

~ Danielle (beautifully created girls conference attendee), -Prince Albert, SK Canada


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