Thursday, November 17, 2005

Parent & Youth Pastor Information for Online Bible Study

I am so excited about this opportunity to share my book through the webinar medium. What an amazing way to share the Truth to so many. I wanted to share some additional information about the study to the parents and Youth Pastors.

** Special note to: Youth Pastors- this is a great opportunity to reach the teen girls in your group. Many Youth Pastors are male and have a hard time connecting and understanding the teen girls or maybe you do not have a volunteer to take on a girls Bible Study. If you would like a safe place for them to be nurtured I would appreciate if you would send them in my direction to join my study starting in September 2010.

  1. “What Makes You Unique?” is based on scripture. When I wrote the book I studied scripture first and then I wrote the chapter.
  2. This is a safe environment for the girls to discover who they truly are. There is no pressure from other girls, they don't have to worry about going to sit in a group of girls and worry about who is wear what, who has the coolest Bible, that no one wants to sit beside them. It is about them discovering the beautiful woman of God that they have been created to be.
  3. Throughout the study I will have a group of women from my church praying for each participant.
  4. Ages 12-18- I have set this as the ages only because we will be discussing sex. If your daughter is younger and you think they are ready then please sign them up. (As for what we are discussing about sex is why you should wait till marriage. So often it is taught as don’t, and then you get married and it is hard to change your mindset on the topic. So I teach the why, also our daughters are going to be learning about it from somewhere wouldn’t this be a safe environment to reinforce what you have already taught?)
  5. Throughout the study they will be receiving things from me in the mail such as a Christmas card, newsletter, small gifts. Because this is done online I want to make the connection as personable as possible. It is my goal to send something each month.
  6. If the girls have an issue they want to talk to me about, they are free to email me at anytime.
  7. I will also be offering Life Coaching to the girls as well. This is at an additional cost and only available once I have talked to the parents to see if this is suitable for the situation.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns. This is something that we are doing together for your daughter. My goal is that the girls will grow and develop more and more as a Woman of God throughout the study.

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