Wednesday, October 10, 2007

“I am Unique!” Workshop Details

Interested in booking Cj to present her “I am Unique!” Workshop?

You will need:

  • a minimum of 15 girls
  • provide a morning snack and lunch
  • a prayer support team
  • someone passionate about building into the lives of teen girls that can market the event and help with the behind the scenes organizing.

What will you receive from Cj for your investment?

I am your servant for the day.  My goal is to have the girls leave different than they arrived.  I want this to be a day of building into their lives.  I have been involved in ministry in the past where we would go into a town and make a big splash and then leave.  I always wondered what happened to the people we left behind.  I know that God has created me to be a builder.  To build into the lives of Christians so that they can be all that they have been created to be.

I wrote my book based on the things that I wish someone would have told me when I was teen.  I designed my book so that it can be used as an individual or group study.  But I want to take that to the next level.  I want to go out and see it applied to the lives of teen girls today!

I will also provide marketing and promotional support to help advertise your event.

Additional Opportunity

Cj has also designed a “Lifestyle Mentoring” session that can be included in the workshop.

Do you realize that there is someone watching you? Watching the choices you make, how you handle tough situations, how you respond to your husband. Whether we like it or not people are looking up to us.


In Titus we are instructed to train younger women. In 2 Corinthians we are called Christ’s ambassadors. We have a greater responsibility than what many are currently choosing to live up to. Life has become so busy that we wonder how we can fit being a mentor into our daily routine.


Being a mentor, Christ’s ambassador, and a trainer of young women is a part of who we are; people are looking to us for an example even if we don’t feel we have the time to put towards it. Now is the time to acknowledge our responsibility and live a life of greater calling!


Join Cj for a time of encouragement and learning how you can impact the world around you in a positive way. You will also receive information to take home to help you choose to live it each day.

This session can be taught during the workshop as well.  For example: a leader can lead a craft time with the teen girls and provide a snack while Cj meets with women who are willing to choose to live up to the challenge.  Also, during the craft time with the girls is a great time to sit around an chat about what they have been learning that day.  It is a great way to open communication with the teens that are in attendance.


  • Cj’s speaking fee - $450
  • cost per girl attending- $15 (to cover book and materials)
  • Lifestyle Mentoring Session- $100 (to cover cost of workbooks)
  • Travel- driving distance from Prince Albert,SK - $0.30/km                                             Flight- coach seat based out of Saskatoon, SK 
  • Accommodations- hotel room, Bed & Breakfast, or if someone has a relatively private guest bedroom & bath, Cj is happy to stay in a host home rather than a hotel.

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Phone: 306-960-2901


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