Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beautiful to Behold

I wanted to share a really awesome experience that I had lately. But first I will start with the background. Every year I attend the Women’s Journey of Faith that is held in Saskatoon. It is a great weekend. This past year was Shannon Ethridge, it was fantastic! In November of this year it is the 10th anniversary and they are having Liz Curtis Higgs back. She was here several years ago. I was unable to attend that one because I had a sick child but someone who attended brought me back a book from Liz. It is called “Rise and Shine” a devotional book.

Since she is returning this year I thought I would read her book and get to know her better through her book. Now every morning I am reading one of her short devotionals.

One morning in particular I read a devotion called “Beautiful to Behold” it was a great! She says, “It is God’s gift of salvation that makes us truly beautiful, inside and out. Nothing transforms a woman’s appearance more than being covered from head-to-toe in the grace of God’s Son…… Such beauty is a gift from God. Unlike lipstick and blush, which seldom last longer than a few hours, spiritual beauty is timeless. It literally pours out of your pours and alters your appearance in a most appealing way. People think you’ve had a face-lift, when in fact you’ve had a faith-lift!”

I was certainly glad that I took the time out of my crazy morning schedule - of getting the girls off to school on the bus and my husband’s lunch ready so he can get out the door - to read this reminder of what true beauty is.

I then left for my day which was to be interviewed by a few girls in a psychology class at a local high school. Much to my surprise and pleasure the girls told me their topics for their papers. Two were writing about “celebrities’ and media’s impact on today’s teens” and the other was writing on “What is beauty?” Wow, did I have a lot to share. My previous experience in the modelling industry helped them discover a bunch of the behind-the-scenes info and the beauty question was right up my alley with Liz’s gentle reminder that morning. That poor girl didn’t know what hit her I don’t think. She interviewed a lot of people getting their opinions on her topic and even had pictures from People magazine most beautiful people issue that I had to rate and give my opinion on. I answered almost every question differently than anyone else she interviewed. This is sad. What are we teaching today’s youth?

I also gave them a copy of my book as a reference. Because of the public school system you are not openly allowed to talk about your faith unless it is from a personal perspective. But through my book I talk openly and candidly about my life and faith. I have asked for copies of each of the girls reports; I can’t wait to read them!

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