Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 years of wedded bliss

My husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this summer. To be honest it is hard to remember my life without him apart of it.

Our wedding day was definitely a day to remember, it was extremely hot with high humidity and all the candles we had in the church melted. We had vehicles breaking down, a wedding ring went missing, I was sprayed by a sprinkler as we drove into the golf course where our reception was being held. Because of the heat we had a spectacular thunderstorm with hail during the speeches. It was a memory filled day!

Even with all that went on that day the most important part of the day happened and we are married. It has not been a boring 10 years, we have had trials, joys, stresses and great accomplishments -- I am so thankful for the communication that we have and that we have chosen to journey through life together.

Back in our pastoring days we would meet with engaged couples for their pre-marital counselling and Dustin would always say to them don't believe the lie of getting married because you can't imagine living without the other person. Get married because you can make the choice to wake up each morning and choose to love the other person.

There is so much truth to that. What would the divorce stats look like if more people made that choice every morning? Let's be honest here, I don't know one married couple who has not had an off day or two with their spouse. We are human is inevitable.

But the choice is up to us of what we are going to do about it. It can continue to be a downward spiral or you work through and get on with your marriage. I know I am way to stubborn to go back on my marriage vows. I have them hanging in my house so when I am not making the right choice I can go and see what I vowed and live up to the very words that came out of my mouth.

A book that helped me understand a lot about why I think the way I do in my marriage is "Every Woman's Marriage" by Shannon Ethridge. Check it out. Value your marriages, fight for your marriages and make the choice every morning to love your spouse. It is so worth it!

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  1. Thanks for your words of wisdom!
    I like your honesty. We are human and not every day is a great day with our spouses!!
    So far, it seems to be worth it!!


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