Saturday, December 16, 2006

About Cj Carleton

Growing up in Ontario, Carolyn (AKA Cj) had a difficult time in her teen years with self-esteem issues and a severe acne condition. Things changed when she moved to Toronto for college and was scouted by a modeling agency. They saw something in her that noSpeaking freshwind conference pic 1 one else had.
After several years in the modeling industry and many lessons learned, good and bad, Cj moved into a different place in her life–one of fulfillment and purpose. She toured across Canada with ROX Games speaking in high schools, encouraging teens to reach out for excellence in their lives. This is where she met and later married her husband Dustin.
They now live in Saskatchewan and have two beautiful girls ages 9 & 10.  Cj loves to read and study and has a new addiction to crocheting!  Check out some of her projects CLICK HERE!
Cj has designed and taught a self-development course for girls, is the founder of the Beautifully Created Girls Conference, and now has her first book published, What Makes You Unique? Discover the Truth or Believe the Lie, which won the 2008 Canadian Christian Writing Award in the Young Adult Category. She has been an encourager to thousands of tween and teen girls and women throughout Canada.
CLICK HERE for speaking reviews.

Cj has appeared on 100 Huntley Street, It’s a New Day, CTV News, co-hosted The Drew Marshall Radio Show, and has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

Cj has a gift of encouragement and bringing out the best in women of all ages. She has a passion and desire for women to live all aspects of their life with and on purpose.
Speaking topics:
~ lifestyle mentoring
~ A Mother’s Hope
~ “I am Unique!” –for tween and teen girls
~ teen writing workshops
Watch Cj’s appearance on 100 Huntley Street.