Friday, May 21, 2010


It has been an interesting week around here.  I live by the North Saskatchewan River, it is actually right in front of my house.  It is just beautiful here, we love where we live.  It can get a bit cold in the winter but it is beautiful.

On Monday we had a bit of a scare.photo_719529_resizeA forest fire.  It has now been discovered that it started in a garage, which spread to the house and then started the forest on fire.  They have been battling the blaze for days but I believe they may have it out now.  They are just watching for flare ups.

But this fire started right behind the school where my daughters go.  We picked them up from school because they thought they would be evacuated soon.


The girls had never seen anything like it.  We live across the highway and south of where this was all taking place.  Many families were evacuated from their homes with little to no notice.  The wind was awful and the firefighters worked hard and not another home was destroyed.233

But it was an uneasy feeling, all day we could hear planes flying over to get water from the river and sirens lots of sirens.  As I laid in bed trying to fall asleep that night all I could smell was smoke.  It was an uncomfortable night of trying to sleep and wondering if the wind had changed directions and the fire was headed in our direction.

The next day I wondered through my home pondering what I would take with me if I had a moments notice.  Then I began to notice all the stuff that I always wonder what to do with, a fire would help with that situation.  But then I look at the pieces of furniture from my Grandmother.  All the pictures, the office stuff- being a small business owner you need all this paperwork.  What would Revenue Canada say if I say a fire ate my tax info?

It was awkward thinking about all these things, but I also think it was necessary.  It has made me think through many things that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I can be prepared for such an emergency in the future.  I can know where things are ahead of time and have a mental list of what I need to grab.  I also think it will help when our family goes through a house cleanse this summer.  What is really important?


  1. I'm a planner, so I am always thinking about stuff like this!

    That fire was crazy. We were in the city a couple of years ago when that really big one was burning - I think I remember it jumped the river at one point. My father-in-law was working for the TV station at the time and got some really amazing pictures. Still, we were all glad when that one was over!

  2. I thought of you when I heard about this fire.

    The recent grass fires around our area have me think about what I would take. I've been thinking about buying a zip drive and put the pictures in a safety deposit box. Beside my kids and husband, they're the only things I would want.

  3. My question there. I'd grab that over clothes..seriously. 6000 pics on it of my bet it's coming with me.

  4. Looks like you had nice it already hot in your neck of the woods? Hopefully no-one was hurt!?
    On the top of my list: my harddrive, my dog,(son and hubby) and I guess that's it! Sometimes you don't get much time to run and collect!!


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