Monday, May 03, 2010

Sex Rehab

I have been thinking about all this talk about sex rehab and how when husband gets caught cheating a stay in rehab helps keep them out of the media spotlight long enough for another celebrity to take over the headlines with the next scandal. 

Tiger Woods and Jesse James have been in the spotlight with their numerous affairs, and hopefully they are getting help.  I am by no means against sex rehab and how it may help people.  But I am wondering why is it that the guys are going to the rehab and the girls that they cheated with are gracing the covers or centers of magazines and getting invited to all the parties?  There were two people involved in each of these affairs.  I think the girls need help as well.  They knowingly had an affair with a married man.  Why do they seem to be getting off “scott free”?  Why isn’t the media hounding them, telling them they need to get help and straighten out their lives?

It must be hard for the mother’s of these girls, to see what choices their daughters have made; some of these women see this as their ‘job’.  How scary is that!  Has anyone else thought about this?  If you have heard about any of the ‘girls’ getting help please let me know, I would be interested in hearing their story of recovery.  I would hate for this to turn into young girls dreams of how to get a guy.  We really need to have higher standards for ourselves and our gender.  Come on now, am I the only one thinking about this?  These girls need help, this is not acceptable behaviour.

Deep down I think these girls may know what they are choosing to do is wrong, but why do they continue to do it?  Is it the money?  The sudden taste of celebrity?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I grew up without the heart of a Christian and looking back I know for sure if I had known Jesus loved me as much as he does I there are alot of things that would not have happened.

    I'm not saying that I would have been the perfect teenager but my faith would have helped me through some very dark times.

  2. I dont get it either...I also did not grow up with a Christian Heart. I think if you can get away with it and you seem to be "getting something" out of it then it makes you feel like it was fine, so you just dont think about it. This is why not matter what side of the issue you are on immediate consequences for wrong need to be enacted. It is ok because our culture thinks since the females arent married they did no wrong. Sad but true


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