Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An easy discovery

I didn’t have to think very long to write down one of my “likes” as crocheting.  I so enjoy it, sometimes I am working on a project for so long that my wrists start to hurt.  Maybe that’s obsessive. :)  All I know is that I love to crochet blankets for newly weds and pray over their marriage.  I have made lap blankets for friends that are sick or going through a struggle and I pray for them with each crochet.  Now I have begun making birthday gifts for all the parties my girls are invited to.  Here’s the most recent one.

Cat Hat

How cute is that!  It was a big hit.  The little girl loves cats and the ears and face are down with a brown sparkly yarn.  I have a feeling I need to start making more hats, I can see many birthday invites after the reaction from all the girls in her class that attended the party.

I never take the time to make anything just for me, so I finally figured out a pattern to make a hat I have wanted for a while.  Here’s the final product:

Slouchy Hat

It’s a slouchy hat.  I wore it when we went camping it was really cold and windy one day and I was so glad to have it.  I like it so much I am making another one for myself with a purple/grey/black mosaic yarn.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out. 

I really enjoy making these slouchy hats because they are a small project I can carry in my purse and work on whenever I am waiting.  This afternoon my girls have hair cuts so I have an hour to work on it!  Can’t wait!

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