Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

thankful thursday 

To be honest I wanted to write this post a few days ago.  But thankfulness was the furthest thing from my mind.  Everything seemed to be going wrong all at once yesterday.  But today is another day.  My post has nothing to do with the events of yesterday but it has everything to do with being thankful.

Scripture tells us to be thankful in all circumstances, and that we are to overflow with thanksgiving.  Thankfulness can sometimes be very difficult or even impossible.  When I had my miscarriages the last thing I wanted to be is thankful, I wanted a baby.  But in time you can see how certain situations help to create the person that you are.

Recently I have learned to be thankful for something else in my life.  If you have been following my blog over the years you would know that I went through a time of health problems.  My symptoms resembled MS but my MRI’s continued to come back negative.  For two years I saw a variety of Doctor’s and went through a variety of tests with no real results.  The diagnosis came out as fibromyalgia, my symptoms fit and since there is really no test for it, that is what we settled on. 

I was not settled though.  I knew of a Doctor in British Columbia that I wanted to see.  I left our daughters with my husband for a week and went to see the specialist.  I will write more about this visit another time.  But this week changed my life and my health dramatically.

Because I had such amazing results we decided to travel as a family to see the Doctor.  This Doctor specializes in back problems.  His goal is to make sure that you are properly aligned.  During our family visit we all had our alignment checked.  We were shocked and alarmed when Aj Grade 1 pic1our oldest daughter was checked.  Her spine was rotated by 10 degrees; the Doctor told us that he hadn’t seen a patient that severe in a while, and that by the time she is a teenager she will be diagnosed with Scoliosis.

We have noticed over the years that her one foot turned out but we never thought  that things were this severe.  Without regular treatments she will be in a back brace for most of her teen years.

So where is the thankfulness in all of this?  I am thankful that I had health problems that motivated me to travel to B.C. and meet with this Doctor and in turn bring my family out and now we have a chance to help Acacia before the damage is permanent.  If I had to go through all the pain and testing and struggles and weight gain so that I could help my daughter, then it is all worth it and I am thankful for all of it because it got us to where we are now.  We are heading out to BC again in a few weeks.  We are looking forward to see how our alignment is holding up and taking steps forward to helping Acacia have a healthy and happy life.


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  1. Hello CJ...Being thankful no matter our situation. Be blessed CJ..God is with you no matter what!!

    HERE TO BEING THANKFUL!!! *cheers*

  2. Thanks Starla, tough lessons to learn sometimes. But definately worth it.

  3. I've been praying for your family. I'm so thankful that you have found the help for your daughter. Sometimes it's worth going through pain and trials if it helps our children, just as Jesus did for us on the cross.

  4. Thank you for your prayers Michelle. It has been a struggle for the last few years but we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!


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