Monday, July 25, 2011

The Reno continues……

The land is prepped and ready for the next steps.


The next step is screw piles.




They did a great job, we called local companies and they didn’t even return our calls.  This company came right away and did a very professional job!  So thankful!

Now time for the blocks!  We blocked the road as they began unloading them.  We wanted them unloaded in the back but the truck couldn’t get back there, so we just interrupted traffic for a little bit.


The company even sent a crew of guys to help unload! 

No, these guys are not super-human, they are light!  Just foam and plastic.


My driveway.


The company we chose to get the ICF’s from is called Build Block.


Can you read the small print along the bottom?


Yep, that is a scripture verse!  Matthew 21:42.  How cool is that!  I will have scripture verses on the walls of my new home!

This system goes up quickly, it fits together like Lego.  This is what my yard looked like before supper tonight, (the Build Blocks were just delivered this morning).


So happy that this is all finally coming together.  When I think back over the past few months I didn’t think that this would be possible.  But it is actually becoming a reality!

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