Friday, February 22, 2008

I am so excited!!

This has been an interesting week. I know that whenever I am either planning a conference or going to speak at one, if my girls get sick I know that it is going to be awesome! So over the past week my girls have taken turns getting sick and I haven't really slept all week. So yesterday I was feeling at my weakest. I am trying to get all my thoughts about this conference on paper and I feel like I have this huge wall in front of me that I can't get around. So I gave up, I am sure that is just what Jesus would do. Anyway, I left and and I went and had a shower that always makes me feel better, than I walked on the treadmill for a while and I started thinking about how I can get rid of this wall.

So I did something scary. I prayed, "Okay God, teach me what it is I need to learn here so that I can get rid of this wall and be effective for you next Friday." So as the day went on I started to feel a lot better and God showed me the scripture that I have been studying in a different light (I love it when that happens). Later that night I was sitting chatting with my husband and I told him about my feelings and my wall and my prayer. And I couldn't understand how I was feeling better, the wall was gone but I didn't feel as though I had learned a big lesson throughout my day. Then it dawned on me, it was my husband.

Twice yesterday I was reminded of different things that I can do for Dustin that will encourage him and benefit our marriage. Instead of making a note of them, I acutally acted upon them. Dustin even asked me to do a huge favor for him, and to be honest I didn't really want to do it, but I thought about the scarifice of hours that he has been putting in on this current job and I thought this would be my way of helping out and saying thank you.

So I drove for three hours with two sick girls to pick up something that he needed to finish the job. And I was so surprized that I had a great time with the girls. We sang and laughed and had fun on our road trip. What I great day it turned out to be. Our God is truly an awesome God. The things that He has shown me to teach next Friday has gotten me so excited the girls probably won't understand a word I am saying because I am going to be talking so fast.

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