Saturday, April 19, 2008

Right and Wrong?

So I was wondering today if anybody gets that gut feeling anymore. Do people feel that they are maybe making wrong choices because of something in their stomach isn’t sitting right? My husband and I were sitting around talking and drinking coffee all morning. One of the reasons I married him. We can sit and talk and debate for hours, it is actually how we became good friends. We were on a missions team and he is the only one who would put up with my persistent questions and analyzing of scripture.

Back to the topic, I have such a strong gut reaction when I am doing something that isn’t glorifying to God or to anyone else. There have been several situations that have been evident to my husband and I over the past few weeks that are making me wondering what people are thinking or feeling. Do they feel it? Are they just ignoring it? Do they not feel it at all? Have we hardened ourselves so much as a society and let too many things become socially acceptable that we have lost the feelings of morality?

I would really appreciate comments on this. What do you feel, how do you choose between right and wrong? Do you think that there is an absolute right and wrong or is it up to an individual to decide what is right and wrong for themselves?

I am waiting for your comments and then I will tell you my thoughts on this subject. Talk to you again soon!

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