Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life is definately not boring!

So, the difference between right and wrong. The sub-title of my book is Discover the Truth or believe the Lie. I believe that there is right and wrong and that with the help of the Holy Spirit we are able to have the knowledge of truth and the discernment of right and wrong. Easy to type, hard to live.

I went out with my friends the other night to a ladies night at a local church. My friend was the speaker and another friend sang a song, it was great to be there to support them. My friend, who spoke, shared about a study she is doing by Beth Moore. It is called Believing God. She said something that is still stuck in my mind. If it wasn’t for your self-image would you have made the choices that you have made? Wow, if I believed 100% within myself the promises that are found in scripture than I would now and would have made in the past better choices. I can’t believe how much that one sentence has made me think about my past and how having such a poor opinion of myself has moulded my life through the choices that I have made. I guess, I knew that but for some reason it just seems so clear right now. Either we believe God or we don’t, there really isn’t living half way. I need to put myself aside and just believe God. He knows I have weaknesses and things I need to work on but He chooses to use me anyway. Thank goodness I don’t need to be perfect, because nothing will ever get done.

I called my blog “Life is always interesting” and tonight has been an example of that. I have been trying to type this as there is a snow storm outside at the end of April! My youngest has been puking, I have given her a bath and washed her bedding and we have had company dropping by and the phone ringing all night. Boring my life is not.

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