Wednesday, June 25, 2008

teen pregnancy pact

So I am not sure if you have have been following this story in the news but at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts 17 girls under the age of 16 have become pregnant over the past school year. People involved in the situation have suggested that some of the girls made a pact to become pregnant and raise their children together. There is a medical clinic at the school and in articles that I have read the nurse said that some of the girls coming in for pregnancy tests were upset when the test came back negative.

This is bothering me on so many levels I don't know where to begin. First what is happening in the home of these girls that has lead them to think that this was a good idea?

The way news and texts fly around schools why were the guys in this school willing participants in this. Also, all these girls were under the age of consent which means statutory rape, even if the girls gave consent. In one article that I read they said that one of the fathers is a 25-year old homeless guy. What desperation would lead a girl to want her child fathered by just anyone. Most of these girls didn't have relationships with the father's of their children. But the fathers have responsibility for the children as well.

These girls were being very selfish in thinking that it would be fun to have children and raise them with their girlfriends from school. That they will have unconditional love from these babies. Babies are a lot of work and selfish, they need to have continuous attention because that is how they survive. Being a Mom is the most selfless job there is. I have a husband and two daughters who I am happy to put as a priority in my life. Sometimes it is a job that would rather not have. But being a single Mom is really hard because it is just you, you are filling in both roles as the mother and father and there is no one to give you a break for a little while. Which I am so thankful that my husband gives me.

Reports have said that they beleive there was a lack of love for the girls in their homes so that is why they made this pact. If this is true then those parents are not going to be there for their grandchildren. Plus, they have already raised their children. Too many Grandparents are raising their grandchildren. Parents need to step up and take responsibility for their children. (I could go on for a while on that topic that is another entry.)

Wow, I wish I could have been there to talk to these teen girls before this all happened, like a couple of years ago. Currently I am writing sessions to teach in the schools in the area where I live. Teen pregnancy has been on the rise for quite a while. People keep thinking that it is because they aren't using protection. Well, they started handing it out like candy and it hasn't changed anything, the number is rising because of a lack of purpose. These girls are getting to the end of their high school career and don't know what to do so they have a child and then welfare and child tax take care of them. That is why the numbers is rising.

Back to this town in the states. So lets go to the topic of STD's these girls are obviously having unprotected sex to get pregnant, and being disappointed when the tests were coming back negative, so that would mean that they went out in search of sperm again. So all these would-be-father's are sharing what ever she had been exposed to from the last guy.

Something else that is ticking me off is the fact that gossip shows in the states are paying some of these teens big money to only talk too them. Okay let's reward them with money for making stupid choices! What are you thinking people?! Save your money and put it to use in a more productive manner.

Does anyone else see what is going on here and is disturbed by it? I am not picking on this town in the states - this is a North American problem. And I was wondering, if these teen girls had positive role models in their life would they have made the same choice?

Today I want to challenge you to slow your life down and take a look around at the people in your circle of influence, how can you be a positive example in the life of someone today. If you don't know, take some time to figure that one out. I can guarantee you that there is someone who can benefit from knowledge that you possess. Go out there and make a difference!

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