Monday, March 30, 2009

Give credit where credit is due!

Well, I finally did it! I am so proud of myself. This morning I got up before the rest of my family and sat and read my Bible and wrote in my journal. I have been trying to motivate myself to do this for quite some time. So I set an extra alarm just for me and I got up when it went off!!! That in itself is a miracle! None of my family stirred until my husbands’ alarm went off a half an hour later. It was great I didn’t want my time to end. Maybe I will wake up earlier tomorrow to get more of that coveted time.

I am reading a book from Debbie Macomber. Many may know her as a fiction writer. I definitely enjoyed reading her Blossom Street Series, but the book that I am currently reading is her non-fiction book called Knit Together. I am finding that I relate to her on so many levels and I am just soaking up this book and enjoying it.

This morning I was reading from the Chapter “Created for Success”. I have a problem with this whole success thing. I often dummy down my success because I don’t want to be seen as proud or a show-off but what I read this morning is that when I hide my success it is taking something away from God. Rather it is something that should be celebrated. Here is why- God gave me my gifts and talents. And by me being recognized for those is a cause for me to celebrate because I was obedient in the use of my gifts, but also it is praise for what God can do. And that I am a huge testimony of. With the choices I have made in my life and the struggles I have every day, I do not deserve the title of National Award winning author. But that title is an obvious sign of what God can do through someone who is willing.

I am often so shy when it comes to talking about my book and its’ award win. But now I have to start changing the way that I think and be willing to share it as a miracle of what God can do. I am denying God the credit for this because I am worried of what people might think. How dumb is that? And some people may judge and think that I am conceited or arrogant but I believe that people who truly know me and know my heart know without a doubt that it was through my obedience and God’s grace and gifts that I have achieved all that I have in my life.

We have to remember to give credit where credit is due. And know that it is by His strength and not our own that we can truly accomplish great things!

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