Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Journal your Journey!

I love my journal. It is my place to go and think. One day as I was writing about my journal in my journal, I accidently wrote the word "journey" instead of the word "journal".

So being the analytical person that I am, I thought about, “Why did I write the word "journey?”

When I am writing in my journal, I am writing about my journey. I am writing about what God is teaching me and what I have learned as I travel along the journey that God has me on. Many times when I have a situation going on in my life WritingI write it out and then many things become apparent to me though my writing. And when I go back and read through my journal, it is so evident to see God’s hand in my life- in little and big ways along my journey.

Think about the book of Esther. I wonder how Esther felt about the presence of God in her life while on her journey. Maybe in the steps along the way she questioned God about what He was doing in her life. I know I probably would have being put into the positions that she was in. Even now as we are able to read about Esther’s journey in her own book of the Bible, even though God’s name is never mentioned you can still see how evident He was working in the lives of Esther and her cousin Mordecai.

So if you don’t keep a journal I encourage you to start, it is such a great record of your journey!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I've written in a journal off and on myself. Do you have any hard fast tips for what to write and what NOT to write?

  2. This is from a hand-out from a session I taught on Journalling as a Spiritual Discipline:

    A journal is more than a diary; it does not so much record our days
    as record our spirits.

    1. See Jesus sitting across from you. What would you say to Him? Write this down.

    2. Write out one thing you are afraid to tell Jesus. Then tell Him why you have been afraid.

    3. Meditate on a passage of Scripture, and write down questions – things about the passage that you do not understand, and also what you feel you are to learn from this passage.

    4. Ask the Lord to tell you how you can know him better; make this your purpose during the day. At the end of the day, write down His response to you; describe the experience.

    5. Write down prayers and requests. Review these often and see how God has responded to your prayers.

    6. When studying your Bible write down anything that stands out to you, any questions you have or anything that you would like to study further.

    7. Write down anything you like, that is related to your walk with Christ.

    Thanks for your question. I hope this gives you some direction.


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