Monday, May 04, 2009

Attention everyone!

I am still planning on posting about Gal 5:17. But we are going to take a detour today. I am sick with the flu today, so I am hoping that this will make sense. I am very happy that both my girls are in school today so I can rest and get back to being a Mom again. We'll see how I feel at 3:30 today when they are done school.

Anyway, today's topic is: God trying to get our attention. I may have wrote about this in the past. But please bare with me, it is something that I am still learning. A couple of years ago I really felt like God was telling me to slow down. But what do we as Mom's do? We keep ourselves so busy, we have to go here, we have to organize this, our kids need x, y and z done. What example are we setting? I was so busy trying to be a working Mom, volunteering at the school, taking my girls to piano and dance lessons and getting my book published. I don't know why I was surprized when my body starting shutting down, saying enough is enough. Then I had no choice but to listen. Then I spent numerous hours in doctors offices, many blood tests, x-rays and MRI's trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I honestly believe that if I would have taken better care of myself and set realistic expectations for myself my fibromyalgia would not be as active as it is today.

I look at so many examples of people around me where God has to become very evident in order to get our attention. Think about it. How often do we pray for God to show us where He wants us to go, but we keep so busy that we don't pay attention or listen to what He is trying to tell us. It isn't until He steps up and demonstrates His power in a mighty way that we finally listen. And in the examples I have seen it is usually in ways that makes us question God. Like, "Why would you allow this to happen to me?" Meanwhile, He had be trying to get our attention all along and we just didn't get it. So He finally gets our attention and we don't like His method.

Every experience is a chance to learn. I just finished reading a fun fiction book called, "The secret life of Becky Miller". It was a good reminder for me that I am not Supermom and that God can use me where I am. That the fuller my life is, the less room I am leaving for God to work. Today I choose to slow down (not just because I am sick), but to spend time building into the person that God created me to be, and to take some time doing something I enjoy. These things will help me to become a better wife, mom and follower of Jesus Christ. I challenge you to do the same.

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