Monday, May 18, 2009

Death is not Dying

My mind is still numb after watching this video and trying to digest all that has to take in. I believe that is a much watch video. Even better than the finale of American Idol. The video is 55 minutes long so make some time to sit down and watch it. Young and old will be able to glean from its' message. I have often paused to think about the question, "If I knew I only had weeks to live what would I change, how would I act?" I think it is impossible to answer unless you are faced with it's reality.

Rachel the woman in this video has this reality and she shares her last thoughts. I made a few notes while I was watching the video. She lists four principles and they are:
  1. Know God
  2. Know Yourself
  3. Know the gospel
  4. Know your Purpose

Then she states- "We are changed by what we know." How true that statement is. I challenge you to make the time to watch this video, we all have something to learn.

Follow this link to her video:

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