Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Climate Shmimate

I have been watching the news and seeing all the information about the World leaders drafting the Copenhagen Accord at the climate-change summit.  And I honestly have to ask if it is all worth it, if it really matters.  I live in Saskatchewan and I have seen no evidence of global warming. –50 is really cold.

I believe that we are killing ourselves faster with the lifestyle choices that we are making and that it won’t matter if we have clean water or not.  The choices that are being made are highly selfish and scary as to where we as a society are heading.

I heard on a podcast the other day that many men in their 20’s are getting vasectomies to avoid sowing their seed through their many sexual affairs.  You may argue that they are probably not the people we want populating the world anyway.  But what happens when they wake up one day thinking that there must be more to life?

What about the teen girls who don’t know what to do with their lives so they have a child just to collect welfare cheques.  What happens when they realize that having a baby is a lot of work and it really isn’t worth the cheque.  What happens to those children?

Daily I see hurting and angry people, have you been to a mall lately?  This time of the year does not bring joy to many people.  After working a couple of Christmas’ in retail you really have your eyes opened.  Many people feel obligated to spend money on gifts for people they don’t want to give anything to.  Grandmothers buying gifts for Grandchildren who don’t want anything to do with them.  Mother’s who love their children dearly but don’t get the respect they deserve.  Husbands buying gifts for their wife and mistress.  Yes I saw it more often than I liked.  Guess who received the more expensive gift?  I’ll give you hint: not the one he made his vows to.

I could go on and on.  This holiday season let’s help the people around us discover that there is more to life.  Reach out to your neighbours, how can you bless them?  You don’t need to travel to Africa to have an impact on someone’s life.  There are people on your street, your children’s friends parents, co-workers- make your own list.  You know the greatest commandment but how often we leave it to someone else show it.  You are the greatest commandment to the people that you come into contact with everyday.  Show them what Christmas is really about.

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  1. Some food for thought here! Thanks!!
    Merry Christmas


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