Monday, March 29, 2010

A List of 10

This is a blog that I stole from my friend over at Stars Rain, feel free to go and visit her.  It was so good that I just had to share it:

Just a quick post today…a list of important things…

1. There isn't much that is worth losing your peace over.

2. If you lose your peace find out where you left it and put it back on.

3. Find a way to be united with the ones you love. Sometimes that takes eating it, leaving it, letting it go.

4. Never make anything more important than God and Family. Ps… family that don't live in your house don't need the same size parking space in your mind as the ones that do. :0)

5. Don't waste your time with what doesn't matter, if it matters do something about it. As my best friend says: cut the grass and call it mowed!! **(I love that saying!)

6. Stop waiting till you got it all figured out to do something, if you need to, your going to be stopping a lot.

7. Make it a point to tell the ones you love that you do…they like it!!

8. Take a bucket or two and go detrash your section of neighbourhood…it will feel good. :0) You may be surprised by how others react …I was!!

9. Be honest about what happened from your point of view, how you felt, and what you did. It will help you in knowing what just happened.

10. Be yourself! Yes people will like it…some won’t. Those who don't like you being yourself can go find someone else to be fake with, in the mean time: YOU ARE FREE!!

Disclaimer: NO being yourself doesn’t give you a license to be mean. That is not you…that is your ego!!

Hbr 10:24 “And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works”


Myself, my daughters and the two neighbour girls did #8 yesterday.  The snow is finally leaving!  So we had a great view of all the garbage.  With bags in hand we walked five blocks cleaning up what the melting snow exposed.  Part way through I had to call a neighbour from my cell to bring more bags and pick up the ones that the girls couldn’t carry anymore.  This year there was way more than normal.  Several times during our walk the girls would ask, “Why do people throw their garbage out the window, why are they wrecking the environment?”  What a great lesson for them-- to recognize positive and negative behaviour.

This is our third year doing the garbage pick up and I was pleasantly surprised at how many people thanked us.  That had never happened before.  We had  thank yous from a person who stopped their car, a walker, a family biking and a nice lady a few houses down from us gave the girls juice boxes.  That helped give the girls encouragement when they were getting weary and wanting to go home.  What a great afternoon.

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