Sunday, March 14, 2010

31 Day Challenge, Proverbs Chapter 14

I am not sure if I have mentioned in my blog about my Sunday School class.  I am teaching the Grade 7-12 the youth version of “Experiencing God” by Dr. Henry imagesBlackaby.  Wow, do I love it!  I love the study and I love teaching.  I have learned something really important about myself over the past few months-- that just because I am a published author does not mean that I have to be a travelling speaker.  Travelling around and speaking does not work with my family at all.  By teaching Sunday School I have learned that I love to teach, that I am made to teach, not be a speaker.  They are two very different things.  I am not a go in and pump up the crowd type of person.  I am a challenging, use your brain kind of teacher.  I am so glad that I have figured this out.  Not sure how this all ties into Chapter 14, but I just wanted to share that with you.

King Solomon writes a lot about “fools” in this Chapter and how we are to avoid them.  You would think that would be common sense.  But why is it so often we are drawn to them?  That the way that they are living actually looks inviting sometimes.  I read through this chapter a couple of times and so much of it just seems like common sense; it makes me wonder why God felt this needed to be included.

But I guess we all need a reminder every now and then.  If we make active choices about where we go and who we are letting influence our lives then it will make our life’s path a lot more enjoyable.

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