Monday, March 15, 2010

31 Day Challenge, Proverbs Chapter 15

I am so excited that the A Woman Inspired Online Conference started today!  I just love it!  I think my family does too, because I spend a lot more time in the kitchen so that I can listen to the speakers and I end up baking and making special dinners.  I am looking forward to tomorrows conference here are the sessions:

  • Worship and Encouragement- Deidra Hughes
  • Heaping on Coals: Practical Steps to Exercising Biblical Forgiveness- Lisa McKay
  • Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places: discerning the peace-stealers of our daily life- Kathy Butryn
  • When Church Hurts- Angela Parsley

Tickets are still available at:  Hope to see you online tomorrow.  I have also made many new twitter friends—it just makes it so much fun!

Now for Chapter 15:

V.2 “The wise person makes learning a joy; fools spout only foolishness.”

Did you have a teacher growing up that made learning a joy?  I remember a couple of teachers throughout the years that made learning fun; they just had an excitement about their subject and it made it a lot more fun to learn.  The excitement was contagious. 

At the school my daughters attend the Grade One teacher’s name is Mrs. Hug.  What a great name.  Grade One is a foundational year and Mrs. Hug makes it a joy to go to school and to learn how to read.  She even gets the parents involved; I know I am drawn in to help out her class.  I don’t think I would be as involved at the school if it wasn’t for her.  Once a week I go and read with the Grade One students and then I move into my other daughters class and help with various duties there.  It helps that I was once a Educational Associate with the school division but it is great to be involved and get to know the students and hopefully other parents will feel comfortable volunteering there as well.  I figure, the more help I can give the teacher, the more the teacher will have to give to the students.

I desire learning to be a joy for my daughters, that they are excited about learning and experiencing new things.  A family that we are friends with are now in Bolivia (this is their blog); I have to admit that I am very jealous.  They are there teaching different life skills- the husband is a computer genius and the wife owns a spa here so Bolivia-flagshe is teaching a variety of skills and their three children are having a life changing experience.

I believe that it was a very wise idea to commit to having this experience as a family.  What a way to learn and experience things out of their comfort zone.  Their children are going to come back wiser and more attuned to life then most children their age.  Their children are still young- I am probably wrong but I am guessing that they are 4,6 & 10.  What an experience for them!  Did I tell you yet how jealous I am?

As always I also I have analyze it from my perspective as well.  Do I make learning a joy to those I come into contact with.  I love to teach, but do I make learning a joy?  Maybe I will have to ask my Sunday School that question next week.  But the verse says with wisdom you can make learning a joy.  I am thankful for this 31 Day Challenge, because it can only help me become the teacher that I want to be.  I want to help people get excited to hold and open their Bibles to see what they are going to learn with each chapter that is read.  May I gain more and more wisdom from studying the Proverbs!

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