Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Would you join me?

This past year has been a time of learning for me.  Learning about who God created me to be and where I fit in, in the world.  I’ve had some hard decisions to make and I continue to grow and develop in character through each experience.

Over the years I have realized how important and integral prayer is.  As I have been involved in various ministries I have seen the affect of prayer on people and circumstances.  When I planned the girls conference in my area I could see and feel the difference prayer made.

This summer and fall I am going to need a lot of prayer.  As I am beginning to see where God is choosing to use me I know that having prayer support is going to be necessary.  This summer I have to opportunity to be the Resource Pastor at Camp Kinasao, I am very excited to face this challenge and see how God is going to use me there.  Also this summer I will be putting the final touches on the “I am Unique!” online Bible Study that is starting in September. 

In the fall not only will I and my family need your prayers while I am leading the online Bible Study but also all the teen girls that are taking the study with me.  There is the opportunity for up to 200 teen girls to take this study.  That is a lot of girls that I can have a positive influence on. 

I will also continue to lead free online webinars for women who want to learn how to live Titus 2.  In August I am speaking at the God’s Girls online conference with A Woman Inspired.  I am also writing a monthly article for 2:21 magazine for teen girls.  Prayer magnetAnd finally, I am having more teen girls that are coming to me for life coaching, I need wisdom and encouragement for these young ladies. 

If you are able to spend the next six months dedicated to praying for me, my family, the teen girls and the ministry that God has placed before me I would be happy to mail you one of these special prayer magnets.  Please email me your address at carolyn@cjcarleton.com and I will send it out in the mail today.  Thanks!


  1. I'm so encouraged by your webinar. I can't wait for tomorrow. I will be praying for you CJ.

  2. Count me in CJ!
    Please let us know of specific requests as they come up.

    Together for Christ

  3. Hey CJ! Love your heart! I too have similar desires in working with young women- life coaching, speaking, writing, etc... Love seeing all that you are pursuing!! God is with you! Young girls are so desperate for this kind of love and direction in their lives. Looking forward to reading more!


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