Friday, August 20, 2010

New Online Teen Magazine!


2:21 Magazine has one mission:  to encourage teenage girls to live lives that glorify Christ. We focus on bringing relevant, fun, Godly content to teens. We put out a quarterly full color and length magazine that we pray encourages girls to look to Christ for their fulfillment.

You can expect to see articles on fashion, social networking, friendship, Bible study, self esteem, humility, our call to serve the least of these as well as devotionals, music/ book reviews and much more.

It is our aim to do this thing called life for the glory of Christ.

Our foundation verse is 1 Peter 2:21, a call to no matter the circumstance, follow the footsteps of Christ.   banners

I am one of the contributing writers for this magazine, click here to read my first article on page 8!

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