Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Permission to Speak Freely- Anne Jackson – book review

“What is one thing you feel you can’t say in church?”

That is the question that Jackson posed on her blog that struck a nerve.  When I first received this book to review, I began by reading the four pages of endorsements from Permission-to-Speak-Freely1-215x300 people who hold a lot more clout than me.  I wasn’t sure what use my review will be but I continued on and read the introduction.

In the introduction she lists a few of the responses that she received on her blog.  One of them really struck a cord with me, I actually thought on it for several days.  It was: “Why do we have such lavish worship centers when there are starving children in our own backyards?”  Does that give you a wake up call like it did for me?

After reading that, I was intrigued to read more.  What I discovered was a nice surprise.  This book is not what I expected it to be at all.  I have never experienced a book like this before.  And that is a very good thing! 

I would love to have the opportunity to sit down and have coffee with Anne.  I would tell her how much I appreciate her honesty and how thankful I am that she has gone first.  I have taught many of the same things she writes about in her book, in my mentoring webinars.  So it was very exciting for me to hear that someone with a much larger platform shouting the same message.  Go Anne, Go!!!

I am hoping to see this book reach far and wide in the Christian community.  I already have a list of people that I want to pass this book onto.  I am looking forward to having coffee and hearing their thoughts on this book.

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  1. I feel that the 'Western' church is so 'materialistic!'...AND we have so many screens in our life as it is...I think a screen in Church makes us disengaged! Our (the Church) priorities need to be checked and less money wasted. Sometimes when the music stops and all you hear are the voices, I find it beautiful...breath-taking and longing for more! I believe in "less is more!" AND, unfortunately I'd be a 'boat rocker' if I shared that!!
    Thanks for your topics!


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