Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Search for God

Yesterday I wrote a review about a book that is trying to inspire mankind to be more open and honest with one another.drew_searching

Then I came upon this: Drew’s Search for God

Drew’s website gives this description: After seven seasons as host of Canada's most listened to spiritual talk show, Drew Marshall announced to his listeners that he is no longer convinced there's a God. As far as we know, this would be the first time a host on a Christian station has openly admitted to a crisis of faith - at least publicly - and kept their job! So we invite you to join Drew on his search for an encounter with God.

You can visit the link above to read more about his search. 

I know Drew.  I have been interviewed by him and I also co-hosted his radio show the last time I was visiting Ontario.

When you visit his website at you see a series of links across the top of the page of all the past events that he has done each fall.  Now his search for God “droogle” as he calls it has now been added to that list.

Yesterday on twitter I tweeted a link to the page about his search and I posed the question, “Is this a publicity stunt or truth?” 

To be honest I can not believe how much time I have spent analyzing this.  But what I have come to conclude is this:  Who cares?  Who cares if this is a publicity stunt or if Drew is honestly questioning the existence of God.  Who hasn’t?  Didn’t I just finish a book about being honest.  If we are being honest, (which for some reason seems to be the new trend on my blog.)  Why should Drew not publically admit the current state of his faith?  How many people struggle with the same thought and/or feeling.  Maybe through Drew’s public search via his radio show, he can help others that are sitting on the fence.

Doesn’t it say in Revelation not to be lukewarm?  Because why?  He (God) will spit you out of His mouth.  This is just me being honest here: But I think that it would be good if a few lukewarm Christians decided which way to live their lives.  One foot in Christ and the other foot in the world is not a way to live.

So Drew, I could tell you a bunch of “stuff” but instead watch the last video from when you went blind and listen to your words.  May you find what you are looking for in your search and may your honesty start a trend of us Christians being honest with one another and ourselves about the state of our hearts and faith.


  1. AMEN! I love the "lukewarm' Christians. I just finished reading Yada Yada Gets Real and the question is posed "Do you want to believe or be a pagan like me? There is no sitting on the fence."(not a direct quote)

  2. I love the yada yada series. I have learned more about prayer from those books than any non-fiction book on prayer. The House of Hope series is just as good. You will like it.


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