Monday, October 25, 2010

Fresh Brewed Monday

fresh brewed mondays[2]

I am  loving this Journaling chapter.  I was so excited to get started.  I have been working through my book Sunday mornings while my daughters are at Sunday School.  I find a quiet place, bring along my coffee and journal and get done to business.

We have missed church the last couple of weeks because of our trip to the coast, so I was happy to get back to our church family.  I have a bag that I take each week to church that carries my Bible, journal, pens, highlighters and a few things for the girls to do during church and then it carries home all the goodies the girls receive or make at church.  I had used the bag for other things while on our trip so I  quickly emptied it and through in the necessities while I was running out the door Sunday morning.  As I was running out the door I was trying to make sure that I had everything and I didn’t think that there was a pen in my bag but I didn’t have time to check I just hoped that I had one in my purse.

I dropped the girls off at their class and as I walked by the front table I noticed an envelope with my name on it.  My secret sister had left a surprise waiting for me!  I find my quiet place and get everything ready to start reading and studying the journaling chapter.  As I find the right page and start reading my mind- which is generally is going in several directions at once- remembers that special gift that I had put in my purse.  I can’t wait till I get home to open so I open the envelope to see the perfect gift at the perfect time.  A beautiful pen  with the names of Christ engraved all over it.  Beautiful!  then I began to smile  and laugh when I got to the section where Nicole is talking about things that you need to have to journal, and one is a pen that writes nicely and inspires you to write. 

I now have my perfect pen for journaling.  Thank you Secret Sister!

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