Friday, October 22, 2010

Results from our Trip to BC

Thought I would do a big post about our trip to British Columbia to let everyone know how it went.  The drive there takes two eight hours days in our van.  But the girls travel really well and Dustin and I listened to an audiobook most of the way so it made the time past a little more quickly.  Plus, the scenery made it easy too.


We arrived in Langley, BC on Nevaeh’s Birthday so we took her to Red Robin and they gave her a special birthday dessert and they had it stand on her seat Nevaeh 7th birthday Red Robinand they got the attention of the entire restaurant and they sang Happy Birthday to her.  I think she enjoyed the spotlight!

The reason for our trip was for health reasons.  I have been having mobility problems for a couple of years and this past February I travelled out to BC for a week and saw an Upper Cervical Chiropractor(You can click on the link to learn more about who they are and what they do.)  To me they are miracle workers.  My mobility and health has increase dramatically this past year.  Since I received such amazing results after a weeks stay in February, the whole family decided to go in April.  Dustin had been having problems with his back and we noticed Acacia’s right foot turned out so we thought it would be worth a visit for all of us.

We had no idea what we were about to discover.  Things were coming a long nicely for me, my spine was adjusting well and my body was finding it’s alignment, slowly but surely.  Dustin had his tests and x-rays and he needed a couple of adjustments.  Then the Doctor checked Acacia.  She was in the x-ray room for a long time.  I went to check to see what was going on and the Doctor had re-done her x-rays thinking he had done something wrong.  But his calculations were always the same.  Her spine was badly twisted and curved.  The Doctor said that he hadn’t seen a case this bad in a long time. (Not something you really want to hear from a Doctor) What this means is that Acacia has Scoliosis and that we caught it before it did any permanent damage to her.  Acacia handled her adjustments well and we began to notice differences in her behaviour and attitude right away.  Nevaeh was also checked and she was perfectly aligned. 

Now, back to our October trip.  We were really looking forward to seeing the Doctor again because both Dustin and I knew that our alignment was out again and we were interested to see how Acacia had been reacting over the past few months.  Nevaeh went first and a recent growth spurt showed a couple of concerns on her x-ray.  The vertebrae in her neck 2, 3 and 4 were too close together.  After an adjustment and a new x-ray it was amazing to see space between the vertebrae right away!

Next Acacia, we were thrilled with her improvement.  The Doctor told us that the twisting was gone but the curve was still there, but she is definitely making improvements.  He said that the twist resembled a dishrag that had been twisted and now that is gone and we just have to work on the curve.  What great news!  She had her treatments and she needed a lot of down time throughout the week.

Dustin and I also had our adjustments.  Mine was painful this time.  The adjustments don’t hurt -- it is the affect of the adjustments.  The way that it works is that the Doctor moves the vertebrae in your neck into alignment and then like a domino affect the rest of your spine falls back into place.  It is amazing!  Rest was definitely on my agenda for most of the week.  We were able to visit with a few family members and they put up with my grouchiness.

Overall, it was a very beneficial visit.  We are thankful to Dustin’s Aunt and Uncle who give us a place to stay.  It is the kind of place that you can walk into and even though you are completely exhausted from travelling for two days you feel at peace and immediately at home. 

We are waiting to see how we adjust over the next month and then we will be planning another trip to the coast.  Girls go through a developing phase from age 9-13 so if we can get Acacia growing in the right direction scoliosis will not plague her the rest of her life.  I am so thankful that we caught it when we did.

Thank you Lord for your guidance and the wisdom and knowledge of this amazing Doctor.

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