Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A long way from home

Our family is now in British Columbia seeing a specialist for our daughter.  Things have been going great!  I am so thankful that we caught this now rather than later.  This is hopefully keeping her on a path to better health.

Our drive out here was great (16 hours), my husband and I listened to an audiobook all the way here and it was great.  I will be doing a review of it shortly, definitely a book that I recommend!

Our poor house-sitters have had a lot of excitement since we left.  My house is never that exciting for me.  Our dog had a tangle with a skunk, hopefully she is okay.  I can’t imagine losing our dog, my girls would not handle that very well.

We are off to another appointment, I will write more later when I have a few moments.  I would like to ask my readers for a favour- I have been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award in the Religion and Philosophy category.  It is Round One, if you could take a moment and vote for “I am Unique.”  I would really appreciate it!



  1. I voted for you!!!
    AUDIOBOOK on the road...I think that would be great for me...good idea!!

  2. I've had my car sprayed by a skunk and don't even won't to know what your dog is like right now. :) Praying over you guys. Travel safely and have some fun in Beautiful BC!


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