Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year ~ a time of change

Happy New Year!  I know I am a little late but it’s better late than never right?  This year is bringing stress and excitement.  Therefore I have named this year the “Year of Change and Challenges!”  Let me just start by saying I can’t wait for this year to be over.2011 pic

Why?  This year is going to be a year of a lot of changes for our family.  The biggest will be a massive renovation of our home.  This has been in the making for a few years but it is now becoming a reality and it scares me.  As soon as the snow is gone we will be moving into our trailer.  So I have until the snow melts to pack up our home.  This is an overwhelming task.  We moved into this home when I have 7 months pregnant and thankfully we had a lot of helpers but I didn’t get to pack or unpack anything really.  So I am going through things that surprize me and we are going to have one huge yard sale as soon as we can.  So that is our major challenge this year, we are hoping to have structure up so that we have someplace warm to live when the snow returns, and in Saskatchewan you never know when that will be.  This year we were heavily dumped on before Halloween!

Also, I have been working through the Fresh Brewed Life and it is really pushing me into some areas that scare me but I know it needs to be done.  I am thankful to be moving into the trailer because we will no longer have the TV as a distraction and I will have a lot more time to crochet, study and write. (that is when I am not helping with the reno

There will also be a lot of changes and additions to my website as well.  You may notice the new mailing list that I have added on the right.  I am building a mailing list of those that are interested in what I am doing, particularly with my book and ministry to teens girls.  That is an area that is going to be developing a lot in the coming months.  Please feel free to add your email and learn about this growing and developing area of my life that I am so excited about!!!

I am looking forward to growing and developing the character of Christ in 2011!  Would you like to join me for the journey?

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