Monday, December 27, 2010

Fresh Brewed Life~ Listen to your Longings

fresh brewed mondays[2]

Chapter Three is really sending me for a loop.  Wow, I knew doing this study would make a difference in my life.  But I forgot about how difficult it is to go through the changes.  I am about ready to give up and go back to living my life as a recluse. 

Our online study group ended up not meeting this month, December is always a crazy month.  But I am looking forward to meeting in January.  This was a difficult chapter and I know that I need the support of others to get through this.  I knew that if I opened up and listened to what God was trying to tell me that I would be in for a challenge.  Maybe that is why I haven’t been listening the past few months.  But now that the lines are open again I am not sure that I can handle it all.  I have mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement.

So what are your longings telling you?  What is in store for your life in 2011?


  1. This chapter has been hard and I've been under attack all month. As I told you, I actually had to force myself to read the chapter the day we were supposed to meet. I've started to work through my work book and have started to recognize things in me that I don't know if I want to. It has thrown me for a loop too. I'll be praying for our group that God leads them to recognize where He is taking each of us and to accept those places with open arms.

  2. This chapter is throwing me too. But it's finally given me the words to describe what I feel. I'm really glad we are taking an extra month to chew on this.


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