Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday~ Prayer

thankful thursday

Today I am thankful for prayer.  When I have burdens on my heart I have a place that I can go to release them.  My heart and mind have been full of compassion for people that are hurting today, for circumstances that are out of our control and unexplainable.

I have not felt this kind of heaviness in a long time.  But that is okay, because today I can be thankful that I can go to my knees and find the peace that I am longing for.

Joanne is someone I know through online conferences who is a 39 year old wife and mother of two daughters who is fighting for her life.  This is a message from her husband Toben:

“Please do not waiver in your prayer for Joanne. She is still fighting for her life. Fall on your knees, fall on your face before God and lift her up to his throne.”

It is an honour to be able to go to His throne and put before our prayers and petitions to a God that hears and answers our prayers.

Special Reading for today: Hebrews 4

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