Friday, April 08, 2011

Acacia Joy

My oldest turns 9 today!  I know every one says this but time really does fly by. especially when they start school and you see them nights and weekends.  Sometimes I just want to push pause and just enjoy the moment without life rushing by.

When we found out we were pregnant with Acacia we were so excited and yet scared at the same time.  I had already experienced two miscarriages and did not want to experience that again.

Thankfully I started puking 24 hours a day, which my Doctor said was a sign of a healthy pregnancy.  Apparently it was really healthy because I ended up on disability from work, bed rest and a couple of hospital visits for dehydration.  But on April 8th, 2002 we were blessed with our beautiful Acacia Joy!

Baby Acacia 001 Here are a few more photos of my growing-up-to-fast-little-girl!

 Ajcamp IMGP0223 flowers 008 006_6pics july 07 027Acacia with her tree 08

Acacia fall 10

Acacia 9 years old!  Happy Birthday Acacia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acacia 9 years old

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