Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Blogging Friends,

I want to share with you a few things that I am learning.  I have been re-evaluating a lot of things in life and how I do them.  If things aren’t going right then you have to make change.  I think I have been waiting for change to find me and that hasn’t worked out so I am taking control and making change.

My blog is one of those things that will experience change.  I love writing my blog, it is a release for me and one of the things I want to share with my blogging friends is about Windows Live Writer, it is like Word for blogs.  It is great you can add pictures and links easier, spell check is easier, you can see what you are writing easier.  I love it, did you get the hint that it is easier!  It works with blogger and wordpress, it is awesome!  You have to set it up to link to your blog (which is easy) and then all you have to do is click publish and your blog post is posted!  I can’t imagine blogging without it.  You can download it yourself HERE.

follower freeYou may have noticed this picture in my sidebar.  I took off all the “following” stuff off my blog.  Having a followers list is too much pressure, I want to write and if someone is interested in reading it that is great and I hope it helps.  You can follow this link and read about who created the button and maybe you might want to add it to your blog as well.

A new thing that I have learned is about RSS feeds.  My version of outlook is so out-dated it doesn’t work to connect with my phone and it was driving me nuts.  I have a windows cell phone so I decided to download windows live mail to my computer, and that has a special spot for RSS feeds.  It is great!  So I have added RSS feeds links of my favourite blogs and now new posts load to my email.  I only have to go to one place to read everything!   I no longer have to visit 500 blogs to read or check for recent posts.  It’s great, it saves me so much time and I can also read them on my phone when I am sitting at Doctor’s appointments or waiting to pick up the girls from Brownie’s, I love it.  So if you haven’t added that option to your blog, please do, so I don’t miss your posts.  (Don’t know what I am talking about?  For blogger, go to your dashboard, click on design, add a new gadget, add the subscription links to your page.)

I have a lot more to share but I will start here and add more over the next few days.  I am on a path of finding a simpler way to do the things I like to do.  I think that there is balance somewhere and I am determined to find it.


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