Saturday, July 23, 2011


When people first see or hear the word Saskatchewan they wonder who on earth would want to live on a flat barren wasteland.  In school I didn’t like Saskatchewan because whenever I had a geography test I would always spell it wrong.  And now this has been my home for the past 13 years, and it is not what people perceive it to be at all.

Our daughters have been involved in Brownies for the past year and at the end of the year they took part in a weekend camping trip.  Since I had not been that involved in events throughout the year, I thought I would help with the camp out.  My husband and I booked a site for our trailer at the same camp ground that the girls were camping at.  I had been to Struthers Lake years ago but I didn’t take the time to really explore what the campground had to offer.

As it turned out, they didn’t need extra help for the camp out so my husband and I had the weekend to camp by ourselves.  What a treat!  We brought our dog ‘Bear’ with us and spent a lot of time going for walks.DSCF1791

It is interesting having a pet named ‘Bear"’, especially when you are camping.  Whenever you call for her it freaks all the other campers out.

The trails around the campground were just beautiful!




We walked for hours on the trails; partly by accident because we were lost at one point.  The trails go on forever and then they would come out to an open field and you would have to figure out if you wanted to take one of the many openings or go back the way you just came.  We decided that another path would take us back a shorter route but it didn’t and then it started to rain.  But it felt so good just to be wandering around in nature that the rain didn’t really matter.

On Saturday night we had a fire going, I don’t know about you but I can stare into the coals of a fire forever.  Watching the flames dance and the coals flicker.



Every morning we were awakened by the same beautiful sound.  There was a mysterious bird that we continued to hear but could never see.  While we were watching the fire I tracked it down through the trees.


Not sure what it is; if you know please leave me a comment below, I would  love to find out.

We had a wonderful time of rest and relaxation.  Just what we needed before our big renovation started and we wouldn’t have the time to enjoy the peace and beauty that Saskatchewan has to offer.  If you happen to be passing through Northern Saskatchewan drop me a line and I would love to show you around so that you can see for yourself what this beautiful Province has to offer.

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  1. I am constantly talking up Saskatchewan to my skeptical Albertan friends, glad you did a post on it! I might have to do the same in the future. Looked like you guys had a fabulous camping trip!


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