Thursday, July 21, 2011

No turning back!

And so it began.  At 8am we received the call that the machines were on their way!  By 8:30 they were pulling up in front of our house.

I have to admit, at this moment I am wondering what we got ourselves into!

The first strike!  I guess I forgot to close my bedroom window.
The creaking sound as it was coming down was just eerie!
It didn’t take much effort for it to come falling down!
I like this one, you can see the ceiling fan in what was the master bedroom.
And it was down and just a big pile that would soon find it’s way to the landfill.
My husband sent me to the store and on a coffee run (we didn’t have power or water to make coffee for ourselves) and when I came home the rest of it was down. 
All before 10am!
You can see right into our second storey.  Apparently my husband was standing up there when this section was taken off.  I have yet to see the pictures he took from that angle.
Looking from the inside was is left of our house into the backyard.
Then the septic tank went in.  What a full day, all of this was able to be taken down, and cleaned up before 5pm!  What an incredible group of hard working men.  Ken who operated that big piece of equipment was amazing.  It was an art form to behold.  He levelled the ground and prepped it for the walls so easily; he was able to sort through the rubble and pick out some of the pine beams from our master bedroom that we want to use for our fireplace mantel in the living room.  He has a gift!
And now we are ready for the next steps.  We have been waiting for years for this to happen and there is definitely no turning back now!

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