Saturday, July 09, 2011

And so it begins……..

We have been working hard for the last nine months getting ready for this renovation.  From getting plans drawn up and meetings with the bank to get all the financing in order to do our big renovation.  We finally found someone to do our plans, the first guy that came saw what we want to do and then never returned our call.  So we found someone who was up for a challenge and it has worked out great!  Our bank was a different story.  The person we dealt with at the bank moved away so we had to wait until they filled the position and then he wasn’t able to help us with what we needed so we were handed over to someone who we thought was working with us but in the end we found out that she was doing nothing and had completely lied to us.  Very disappointing.  It was getting so late in the renovation season (which is short in Saskatchewan due to our looooong winters) so we called the renovation totally off the day before we were to move out of our house.  My husband and I felt complete peace about it.  Instead of moving out we moved back in and rearranged a few rooms and were quite happy settled in for one more year.

Then within a week we had moved to a different bank who was moving mountains to help us and with the help of a family member the renovation was back on.  But the rain came down and continued to come down so that no one wanted to come and do work because it was so wet.  So we waited.  Within two weeks it began to fall (literally) into place.  Well, actually it began with a tree falling – on our house:


One morning we woke to find that a tree had split down the middle and one half of the tree was resting on my oldest daughters room.  Made me wonder what else was going to happen before this renovation finally started.

We finished packing and moving out, with the help of friends that I am thankful for!  We have a lot of stairs!  But the packing didn’t come without causalities.  My youngest had a toy fall off a shelf and land right by her eye -- OUCH!


Then Saskpower finally arrived (after many phone calls) to move our power lines:


Friends came to help with the demo:














My daughters even helped a little:




This is how I found her (sitting on a basketball), then she noticed that I was taking pictures so she ran over the the flower bed to keep weeding to make it look like she was working too.  What a kid!

Then the demo company came with the might machines to get rid of the pieces of the house that we didn’t want, so my husband started to cut off the rooms.  This is a picture of the saw blade coming through the wall of my bedroom!


It’s getting exciting! Check back for my next post of the demo!  I even have video!

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