Tuesday, July 05, 2011

This is embarrassing…..

We have now been living in our current home for eight years.  We bought it because of the location (right on the North Saskatchewan River) and the school.  I have to admit that showing the pictures of what we have lived in for so many years is a bit embarrassing but in order to see a before and after you need to start at the beginning.

At the time of purchase we did not think the reno would be this big, but we found that there was no other way.  So here are a few of the before pictures so you can see why we are doing this crazy reno:

This is one of the major reasons, instead of moving the septic tank, the former owners decided to build around it!  So the addition was built off the second story, this is a bedroom that has an exposed floor to –40 in the winter.  My husband did add in-floor heat and insulation so we didn’t freeze (the insulation is the sliver and black stuff).


Next is our bedroom (which is the second storey), we are not sure what this lower space was ever used for, but as the years went by we noticed that our room was slanting more and more (no kidding!).  So my husband added teleposts to keep the structure secure (notice the sunlight between the two storeys).  I have been nervous in my room for the last little while.  I have an elliptical and I stopped using it just because it made me nervous.













I have to admit that the inside has a lot of nice qualities.  One is the ceilings.  This one is from the Master bedroom, after it was torn down we actually saved the big beams to make into mantels of the new fireplaces.


This is currently the living room, which will become the new Master bedroom.  So I will still have my beautiful ceiling!


We have spent months getting ready for this reno.  It was great going through closets and “stuff” and take many loads to the dump.  Thankfully my husband has a dump truck that has been parked right out the front door for me to keep filling up.  Our camper is parked on our front lawn already for us to move in for when we no longer have bedrooms to sleep in.


Here is a picture of what it will look like in a few months:

house pic

I have a lot more pictures to post because we have already demolished most of the house.  So stay tuned and watch the drama unfold!

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  1. I can't wait to see the completion. It will be a beautiful house for a beautiful family.


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