Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Renovation Continues

It has been an interesting summer and now fall has arrived and we are hoping that this renovation can kick into high gear and we can get moved in!

As in all things, our renovation has become an adventure.  The one and only bridge that leads into Northern Saskatchewan has a big crack!  So it makes travel across it very difficult.  Our daily commute is longer and no heavy trucks are allowed across.  Which means, any building supplies now have to travel to a ferry that adds about two – three hours driving time.  Oh well, the renovation must go on!

Here is the update:

The girls have been really helpful with garbage duty.  We can’t do a lot to help with the build so they help where they can.


Not only the bridge has been a problem for us, but the weather as well.  We keep having freak storms such as this hail storm that blew in one night during supper.



It left quite a mess that we had to wade through mud for a few days.


But we persevered and continued on so that we could prepare for the first cement pour!  This is the IDF’s all ready and the framing for the doors and windows.  It is really quite the process.


Then the cement arrived, the walls are filled from the cement pumper truck.


It went up and over our existing house.  I was a little nervous, I made the girls go and play in the trailer.


This is the inside of an ICF, the blocks come with the black plastic pieces, that will be used to attach the drywall and siding.  Dustin adds all the rebar which adds the strength when the concrete is poured.


Here comes the cement!


I missed the second pour when I was in Ontario visiting family and when I came home they were working away on the second storey!


I have so many more pictures to catch you up to where we are now, but I will keep you waiting in anticipation for that post!


I love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to share with me.