Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Renovation continued…………..

We are still moving full steam ahead, trying to get the house done before it snows!  Here in Saskatchewan it tends to snow around Halloween so we are quickly running out of time.  Here are a few update pictures!

We have had to haul  a lot of dirt to level out the floors and the backyard.  We had two little bobcats flying all over the backyard and they were even driving into the house through where our back door will one day be installed.


It is starting to take shape!


I went to Ontario to visit family and when I came back it was encouraging to see so much getting done!


We had to get a lot of supplies onto the second floor so we used Dustin’s ladder that has a little elevator on it and Acacia was quite excited to work the buttons to deliver everything while I ran around and unloaded it.


We are still sleeping in our trailer on the front lawn.


The rafters are starting to go on!


The cement truck is here for the last pour in our walls.  It was quite the ordeal with the bridge being closed to big trucks.  The pumper truck had to go across a ferry and about an hours drive out of its way to get to our house, just North of the bridge.  Oh well, we were happy to see it  when it arrived.


And all the loads of cement.


Here is Dustin guiding the pump nozzle that is shooting cement into the walls.  I can’t believe that he is stand up there.  You have to understand that this is the second story in the top of the walls.


To get a better understanding look at this picture!


That is very high.  I was so nervous I had to leave.  I can’t stand Ferris wheels!  But everyone was fine and it turned out great!

Everything is coming along, not has fast at we hoped but our family adventure continues!

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