Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Why blogging is difficult

With our house renovation still going strong we have not had a phone or Internet connection in the house. So this is where my computer has been located so I can access the Internet. Not very inspiring but it works.

Things are moving along and I am moving my computer back in the house and blogging can resume! I miss my little outlet. My mind is full so be prepared for lots of posts!


  1. oh so glad i snuck over!

    your book!
    what a blessing!
    i see it one day in my daughters' hands!
    i can only imagine all the hearts you have touched!

    and... wooo hooooo... what a day it will be when the reno is done!
    all so worth the having to sit amongst giant paint containers! :O)

    1. Carissa, thanks for stopping by. Love your blog by the way.


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