Monday, June 04, 2012

chasing silhouettes

When I wrote my book I thought the hardest part was actually writing the book and getting it into the hands of a publisher.  But what I wasn’t prepared for was everything that happened once the book was written and especially after I won an award.  There were phone calls for interviews, TV appearances and radio interviews.  It went a little crazy and I was completely overwhelmed.

During that time I met a special writer named Emily.  Our interview turned into two long lost friends chatting on the phone.  She shared her testimony with me and about her paintings and her dream of a book that she would someday write.

We have kept in touch over the years.  I was blessed when she donated a painting to a fundraiser that I did last year to raise money to build a home for boys coming of the streets in Bolivia.  I have followed her blog Imperfect Prose for years.  She is such a gifted writer.  I was ecstatic to learn that her book is coming out in August!


Emily has written a great post about her upcoming book, and you can read it HERE

Eating disorders are very common in our society today; I have two young daughters and some of the things they hear at school really concerns me.  Protecting our girls from this disease is very important to both my husband and I.  The best way to help prevent it is to be knowledgeable about it and I will definitely by purchasing Emily’s book.  Maybe I can even get her to autograph it for me/ Smile 


  1. oh carolyn. this means so much to me. thank you girl. thank you.

  2. ps. i shared this on facebook :)


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