Tuesday, June 18, 2013

photography adventure

What do you do when your husband takes you on a trip to the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan?  You bring your camera, hop on a quad and go on an adventure taking pictures!






I have to admit that it was so much fun running around the farm taking pictures.  I am in love with exploring life through the lens of a camera.

I took another amazing photo that I have entered into a photography competition, I will post that photo later when I see the results!  I am so lucky to live in Saskatchewan and have such beautiful scenery to take pictures of.


  1. Hi Carolyn!

    I signed up for that photography class that you told me about. Have been debating whether to blog my 7 day challenge photos....might be kinda fun to share our progress. I need to take a bit of time (ack, when?!) today to watch the videos...I briefly scanned the content yesterday when it was released, only enough to see what the challenge is for this week.

    Really enjoy your shots here! Well done!

    1. I took your idea to blog my photos. I have been trying to become more disciplined with my blog, so this will be a good challenge for me on many levels.

      I like taking classes that don't seem like work.

    2. I'm glad you decided to blog your shots! I will be watching and looking!

      A blog is a funny master! I'd like to be more consistent with mine as well....this is helping, for this week anyway!


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