Thursday, July 04, 2013

in awe

Sunset at the farm

The end of another day, with the promise of new beginnings in the morning.

The sun is powerful, over the last few days we have felt its heat, my daughters have felt its effect on their skin in the form of a sunburn.

I live in the land of living skies and I have lived here 15 years and I am still in awe of beauty of the skies in this beautiful Province. I recently entered this photo in a photo contest. It didn’t win anything, but at least I tried. It is always fun to try new things.

I just love how this picture turned out, there is no editing, it is straight from the camera. This was taken on one of the most relaxing holidays our family has ever taken. This photo takes me back to that place, that peace, that moment of standing in awe, thanking the Creator of all things for that moment that He shared with me.

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