Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Shout out to the Girl Guides!

I had the opportunity to hang out with the Girl Guide group at Red Wing tonight! What fun I had and how the made me feel special. Thank you so much girls. And I love the cookies! I ate three before I left the gym. Please keep in touch I want to hear how you are doing.

What a week I have had. From the Girl Guides tonight to the girls at Elim in Saskatoon on Friday night. I have been learning so much. I am continuing to read through the Questionnaires that I had the girls at Elim fill out and I am going to do more than answer the questions you gave me.

I have noticed a few things that concern me concerning teen pregnancy and your biggest struggles. Girls I hope I am able to express my concern for the choices that you are making and will make in the future. Don't think for a second that what you have now is all that there is. The life in the now, is so wrong. The choices you make now, you carry for the rest of your life. Make your burden light and think through those choices very carefully. If you have a question email and I can answer it privately or we can share it in my blog so that it can help someone else. Trust me whatever you are dealing with, either I or someone else has already dealt with it. You do not have to feel alone. I have a support prayer team that I can pass names and situations onto as well. You are never alone, a waiting ear is only a prayer away.

Back to the questions:

Why do people judge other people?

Generally it is because in some way we all lack self-esteem, therefore we have to make ourselves feel better by putting others down and comparing what you have with what I have because I have to be better or have something better than you so that I can feel good about myself for something. If we felt good about who we are we wouldn't want to judge, instead we would be an encouragement. So your goal for today is to encourage three people and then tomorrow write a comment on my blog and tell me the results.

Why do guys always act so stupid?

Well it is usually their way to flirt. Guys deal with self-esteem issues as well. Usually if they are acting stupid it is to get attention, and if they are already acting stupid no one can make fun of them for being stupid because that was what they were doing in the first place. Boys are strange creatures. But then they grow up and we marry them and have their children.

Well, my friends I have had a really long day. I just ate my supper and now my bed is calling my name. I want to thank so many people who are reading my blog. It is hard to believe that anyone is interested in hearing my opinion on things but I will keep sharing as long as I keep seeing my website visitor list go up. So have a good night and I will hang out with you again tomorrow.

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