Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I saw part of the light!

After my last ranting session I went to see if there was anything worth while to watch on TV. I came across a Primetime special called "What would you do?" It was awesome! Well parts of it were. It made me feel a lot better. What it showed was different scenarios and how people would react.

The first one was definitely the best. It showed a new popular sport among some youth called Bum Bashing. Where groups of teens would beat up homeless people and video tape it. So this show arranged actors in the roles of homeless person and teens with many cameras around to film what was going to happen. The teens began to kick and verbally abuse the homeless man and some people stood around to watch but then others got right in there and made the teens leave or threatened to call the police. It was awesome to see people standing up for the homeless man. They even added different twists, what would happen if the teens had a weapon? Or what would the reaction be if the homeless person was a woman? I was in my chair cheering on the people who got in the face of the teens and told them that what they were doing was wrong. I hope if I was ever in a situation where I needed help that someone would step up to help me like that.

Then they did someone who was parked in a handicap spot. But not too many people were interested in getting involved in that. Personally I have spoken a few words to a young guy who parked in the young mother’s spot. I saw him get out of his car and start heading into the store, so I told him that I thought he left his child in the car. But he didn’t seem too concerned that I thought he should move his car. Honestly, I didn’t think he would move his car but I just wanted to let him know that someone noticed and that what he was doing was wrong and maybe next time he will save the spot for a new Mom struggling with carts and car seats.

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