Friday, March 28, 2008

Book Update

I can’t believe that Amazon ran out of copies of my book, don't worry more are on the way. I guess I should be encouraged, I wrote my book to help teen girls and I am so excited that it is getting into their hands. I mailed out several copies today!

I am so glad that I put a store on my website. I have orders coming in for books and they are telling me about the girls that they are buying them for and their different situations. Then I have the opportunity, no, privilege to pray for them with specific prayers. How awesome!
Right now I am trying to book different speaking and media events in Ontario for the first part of July. I would really like to spend some time with my family in Southern Ontario. My girls miss their Grandparents and cousins so I would really like to make it out there.

It is so exciting to see where things are going. Every time I open my email or answer my phone I never know what kind of opportunity is waiting for me. I just pray that I am ready for it.
I just finished reading “The Shack” an awesome book that I highly recommend. This Saturday Drew Marshall will be interviewing the author on his radio show. Go to and you can listen to his show over the internet. I know I will be listening. I am fascinated at what William P. Young has accomplished in less than a year. He is on his 7th printing. Wow! I am looking forward to hearing the interview. All the reviews I have read and heard have changed the readers in some way. He wrote this story just to share with his family and now everyone is getting the opportunity to be encouraged and challenged by his creativity and imagination. A job well done.

So have you read “The Shack”? What did you think?

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